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1976 •

Humble beginnings

The Company was founded by the late Dr Lien Ying Chow, Chairman of the OUB/OUE Group, under the name Overseas Union Advertising, to take care of the group’s advertising needs. It started business in Basement 2 of The Mandarin Singapore, a floor below the hotel’s laundry and kitchen. Mr K. C. Chong was our first Chairman.

1985 •

Learning to be Independent

Diversification of the Company’s business began in earnest. The management team was strengthened with experienced communication professionals. A marketing office was set up on the third floor of the hotel’s shopping gallery.

1988 •

Growing Up

As business grew with the addition of new clients, the Company needed more space and moved out to new premises.

1992 •

A new name

The name was changed when more external clients gave the Company the mandate to act for them. What better name to have then than Mandate Advertising to reflect the trust of its diversified client base?

2003 •

A new family

With the merger of UOB and OUB, the Company along with OUE joined the UOB family. But this did not last long because of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s ruling then that banks should separate their financial from non financial business activities.

2005 •

Striking out on our own

Four senior employees of Mandate led a Management Buy Out. It was quite an experience as overnight, we no longer have the support of a strong parent company.

2016 •

Thank you for journeying with us

As we looked back 40 years, we want to thank our clients, friends and business partners for your encouragement and for believing in us. We look forward to forging even stronger relationships with you and to more good years as we continue our journey as Mandate Communications to reflect the integrated marketing communication services, traditional, digital, mobile and social, that we provide today.