We could describe Mandate as a through-the-line agency, or advertising and marketing specialists with 360-degree capabilities, but we won’t. We are in fact dedicated communicators who are adept at employing whatever channel or technique necessary to best connect with your target audience – because if you’re not talking to the right people, you’ll never achieve your desired outcome. That’s probably why we’re not afraid to be judged by the results we generate for our clients.


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Talk to Customers

Every communication must contain a clear and concise message. We can be intelligent because when it resonates with the audience they will remember it. However, a message should be not too hard to get. If you can grab attention and be understood at a glance, then you’re already ahead of most of the competition.


Create Conversations

Brands are meaningful. They help people identify themselves and say something about who they are through letting them participate. This requires a different mindset to that of the traditional communicator. Engaging people in conversations is just as important as giving them something of value.


Build Participation

In an increasingly social, techno-savvy and info hungry market place, content on its own is simply not enough. A brand should create and make accessible content that’s worth engaging with – offering customers added value and generating participation.


Get Personal

Whatever you are marketing, to succeed you need to engage the hearts and minds of your customers. To change opinion and create advocacy, one must address the customers’ pain-points, appeal to their emotions and get them talking positively about your brand.


The raison d'être for creativity is results.

We cannot achieve results if we do not focus on developing solutions that address the customer’s pain points. The definition of success is measured by the willingness to let our work be judged in terms of real results, and how unafraid one is of investing in new services that answer market needs.

Mandate has focused on the integration of traditional and digital marketing for a seamless delivery of holistic campaigns - creating greater value for our clients, and helping us to embrace the future of marketing communications with confidence.

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We are a full-service marketing communications company who can provide integrated communication solutions to suit your individual needs. Our services include:


brand strategy, brand positioning, corporate identity, strategic marketing consultancy, integrated branding & marketing campaigns


media research and analysis, media planning, placement and buying, media consultancy


creative conceptualisation, art direction, copywriting, graphic design, tv, film, radio, print supervision & production


public relations and event management, product launches, roadshows and special occasion celebrations


strategic digital communications consultancy, interactive marketing campaigns, website design and solutions, rich media applications, games development and search marketing services 

Social Media & Mobile

social media strategy, web marketing and app development, mobile marketing and campaign integration, mobile website and app development